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» What are the age restrictions for hiring?
Welcome to the fast way to find answers to your vehicle rental queries. Please browse the left hand menu which has questions answered by topic, or type in a key word or words (eg. insurance) into the search panel.

21 is a standard minimum age limit for renting a car, although some companies do allow younger drivers. You can check the terms and conditions for any particular rental while looking at the search results - click on ‚ÄúUseful info‚ÄĚ and if the age restrictions are not there, click through to the full terms (another way to find out is by beginning the booking process, as all insurance options are usually outlined on the booking page).

Where drivers under the age of 21 are permitted to rent, different insurance policies may apply, and these will also be outlined in the terms and conditions. There is often a surcharge for drivers under the age of 25.

Some rental companies have an upper age limit of 70 or 75, for insurance reasons, so you must tick the correct box for driver age to see the correct options available to you.

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