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» Why are there no vehicles available for my travel dates?
Welcome to the fast way to find answers to your vehicle rental queries. Please browse the left hand menu which has questions answered by topic, or type in a key word or words (eg. insurance) into the search panel.

There are many reasons that a search may come up with no results. Your search may not have met the criteria for minimum rental periods for that destination, so you may have some luck with extending the dates. If your rental crosses over into a new year, ensure you have selected the correct year for the return date.

In some cases, of course, particularly in a very busy season or when a special event is on, all rental suppliers may be sold out in a particular destination. Our team of rental consultants are available over the phone 24/7, and can give you accurate and updated information on availability, as well as offer any alternatives. Call them on:

Australia: 1300 350 401
United Kingdom: 0800 8620 405
USA & Canada: 1800 311 1512
New Zealand: 0800 144 129
Germany: 0800 1844 519
Other countries, please call: +64 9 950 2211

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