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Spaceships UK

Travel the UK and Europe in a Spaceship!

Unlike the common Campervans and Motorhomes Spaceships are great to drive and are custom fitted with all the essential features you’ll need to sleep, eat, listen to your favourite tunes and watch DVDs.
The ultimate vehicle for adventure; think modern interpretation of a 'VW Kombi'. We start with quality Toyota 'people movers' and custom-fit them (in our own Spaceship factory) with the things that you need. This way you get the best possible combination of value for money and key usable features in a vehicle that is great to drive.

You will also get access to our 19 years of experience being at the leading edge of experiential tourism; we offer travel information, suggested itineraries and advice on where to go – so you really can get the most out of your time in your Spaceship.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Spaceships UK insurance

Insurance Options

I. For additional non-refundable fees, you may purchase from us an “All inclusive” insurance. This will reduce the Bond payable by you on a per incident basis unless the loss or damage is not fully covered by insurance. If an accident occurs before the expiry of the Rental Period you must pay additional fees for the remaining days of your hire if you still wish to obtain the benefit of “All inclusive” insurance for the remainder of the Rental Period. The “All inclusive” fees and the amount of reduction to the Bond are set out as follows:

UK & Ireland travel only insurance options:

  Cost per day Bond/Liability Maximum Collectable
Standard Bond Liability Included GBP1500 N/A
Standard Bond Liability - Motorhome Included GBP2000 N/A
Half Cover GBP10 GBP750 GBP300
Half Cover - Motorhome GBP12 GBP1000 GBP400
All Inclusive GBP15 No bond GBP500
All Inclusive - Motorhome GBP30 No bond GBP600

All Europe (EU countries plus Switzerland, Norway and Croatia) insurance options:

  Cost per day Bond/Liability Maximum Collectable
Standard Bond Liability Included GBP1500 N/A
Standard Bond Liability - Motorhome Included GBP2000 N/A
All Inclusive GBP20 No bond GBP800
All Inclusive - Motorhome GBP35 No bond GBP900

II. Windscreen Cover, An additional non-refundable premium of GBP2 per hire day will cover you for the loss or breakage of the front windscreen. This cover EXCLUDES the sunroof and all other glass windows and mirrors. The maximum amount payable is GBP70 – i.e. 35 days rental

The cover provided by each insurance option is set out below:

Coverage Standard Liability Half Cover All Inclusive
Windscreen Cover No No YES (1 Windscreen Replacement)
Window/Glass Damage No No YES
Tyres No No YES (2 Tyres)
Roof No No YES
Under body No No YES
Free Table & Chairs No No YES

* Please note that our Motorhomes have some additional insurance terms which can be found here:

The Motorhome All Inclusive Insurance has four exceptions which are:
1. any damage to the underside caused by driving off road
2. any damage to the vehicle which occurs over 1.8 metres from the ground
3. any damage to the vehicle caused by reversing manoeuvres
4. damage to the water system caused by putting fuel in the water tank

All Spaceships campervan rentals come with standard insurance included for no extra cost in the daily rate. As the hirer you are responsible for the Bond of GBP1500 (GBP2000 if a Motorhome) if you chose to stick with the standard insurance.

With our standard insurance Third Party insurance is included including single accidents as long as the insurers deem you not to be at fault. The full excess will still be taken whilst we wait for our insurers final decision. If at fault you may be liable for these costs.

Taking the ‘All Inclusive’ option will reduce your liability so you can travel with peace of mind.

III. You acknowledge that cover may be denied under Standard excess liability and “All Inclusive Option” insurance if: there is any water related damage such as vehicle submersion, creek or river crossing, beach driving or driving through low plain flooded areas;
IV. you breach the terms of this Agreement;
a) you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
b) damage is caused by careless or wilful conduct;
c) you drive on restricted, closed, dirt of unsealed roads;
d) the articles damaged are appliances or fixtures inside the Vehicle unless in the case of a motor accident.
V. You are required to provide credit card details to Spaceships irrespective of the insurance option chosen.

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